Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Manifesting Sales

In addition to blogging, I have a little side business.  I sell arts and crafts that I make myself.  For a while, this was my focus, and I sold a lot of items to friends and family.  It was new and fun, and I was upbeat about it.  There was nothing to worry about, because I didn't know what to expect.  I just needed a creative outlet.

When friends and family first saw what I made, they began to ask, "How much?"  I didn't set out to make money with this at all, so I was caught off guard.  I just enjoyed making them, and if I made a few bucks, that was just gravy.  I was making people happy, and this made me feel good.  People would encourage me to take it to the next level, but I didn't think I could make enough money off these to support myself.  Starting a business, especially right after the recession, was a massive risk.  I didn't see the need because I liked my day job (and having health insurance).  And besides, once something becomes "work", it's no longer fun.  I didn't want to see it end like that.

After a while, business leveled off, then stopped.  I still worked on my craft, but I began to doubt myself a bit more each day.  I would design something and then delete it.  I would second guess new ideas or niche products.  I would look at my old designs and cringe.  In my head, the lack of business meant one thing: I suck at this.  I stopped production.  I didn't care.  I felt like a failure.

The longer I went without a sale, the less I enjoyed it.  I would think to myself, "Nobody's buying anything!  I suck!  Look at how much better the competition's items are doing.  Look at all their sales!  I should just hang it up.  I'll just wait until I run out of supplies and go do something less time consuming."  

And yet, no one ever said these things to me.  No one ever told me, "You suck, hang it up, loser."  I did this to myself.  We can be our own worst enemies.

The Universe heard my bitching, and responded in kind.  No sales (or creative inspiration) for me, for a long, long time.  As long as I held onto my negative thoughts, it would remain that way.  But I had no idea that I was causing this.  I just thought that my designs were boring, or that it had run its course.  I made excuses to make myself feel better for failing.  "Well, if I had more friends, I'd have more sales...If I wasn't being interrupted so much I'd have more inventory...If it didn't take so long for them to dry I could make more intricate designs...If supplies weren't so expensive, I could a profit..." 

After I started practicing the Law of Attraction, I looked at my little hobby in a different way.  Nothing had changed in the way I made my products.  In fact, I had developed ways of speeding up production, so there was no excuse for not having anything to sell.  My excuses were just a way for me to justify my laziness and self doubt.

I would look at my online store and point to an item and think, "You're going to sell."  I would imagine opening my email and seeing the words "Payment received."  I did this without worrying whether or not it could happen.  I knew that it could, because it had happened before.  I had faith (which is a huge part of the Law of Attraction), and I detached myself from the results.  When you practice detachment (not worrying about the outcome and trusting it to the Universe), you get what you want even faster.  Detachment can have a very calming effect, if done right.

I ended up selling more items in the next three months than I had the entire year.  I ventured into the oversaturated jewelry market with some success.  (But of course, I started to doubt myself and that's currently on life support.)

If there's a lesson to be learned here, it's this: if you want something to happen, stop worrying about the outcome.  Stop worrying, period.

Positive things happen to positive people.

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